Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our experience with Aputure Trigmaster Plus 2.4G

Conventionally, when we want to use a camera flash or strobe trigger together with a wireless remote shutter, we will need to set up one system for the wireless flash and another system for the wireless remote shutter. We will typically require one transmitter and one receiver to trigger the shutter on the camera. Then, a second transmitter will be placed on the camera’s hotshoe to trigger the camera flash. This can be very costly and troublesome.

Now, we have found a simpler and better way to trigger the camera flashes and shutter remote wirelessly at the same time. Introducing the Aputure Trigmaster Plus 2.4Ghz which embodies both the transmitter and receiver built in one unit. In comparison with the Pocket Wizard Plus II transceivers, it works in similar ways but cost less than half the price. Best of all, each Aputure Trigmaster Plus comes with PC Sync cable, 3.5mm cable for studio light, camera model cable and batteries too!

The hotshoes on the transceivers and receivers makes it possible for the flashes to be mounted directly onto the Aputure Trigmaster Plus. It features an interlink system where you can now use a single transceiver at the remote camera which will trigger both the camera & the remote flashes! If you have a few units of the Aputure Trigmaster Plus, you can actually mount one on the camera’s hotshoe, one on the flash and use the other as a wireless remote. This will trigger the camera to take shoot, whilst the one on the hotshoe would trigger the other receivers to fire the flash.

Throughout the period of our usage, we found that the flashes fired really well with no interference. There was no misfiring as well. It can also fire up to a long range of 100m with no problems.

On a parting note, the Aputure has another range of transmitter and receiver unit called the Aputure Trigmaster which comes in as a pack of trigger and receiver. It is brand specific and you can only trigger a canon flash using a canon trigmaster. As for the Aputure Trigmaster Plus, which is a transceiver, it can be used across the brands where the unit can be used on a Canon, Nikon, or Olympus body and flash. Both the Aputure and Aputure Trigmaster Plus can be used together.

What we like about this product: 
- Pocket size
- Relatively cheaper than other alternatives within this functionality
- Autofocus support for remote cameras - Can trigger different brands of speedlights
- Can support a lot of channels
- Can awaken flashes from sleeping mode
- Reliable triggering
- Transmitting distance of 100m

What we dislike about this product: 
- No test button

In the next series of our blog, we will update on what you can do with the Aputure Trigmaster Family Product.

More information about the Aputure Trigmaster Plus here.

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  1. I bought from u sometime ago.. u have tutorial of the setting for canon7d and the trigger plus