Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our experience with Aputure Amaran LED Video Light (AL 160)

Here's a cool gadget to add on to your spread of gear. Get the Matrix LED lighting, introduced by Aputure Photo Tech Co recently. Called Amaran, the video lights come in three versions, the 126, 160 and 198 LED bulbs per light.

The Amaran on our DSLR camera.
We know...the name Amaran sounds like "Warning" to Malaysians and perhaps rightly so...because you'd be amazed by how this gadget can be a solution for your lighting issues. Built with high quality imported light and IC technology, this gadget can be used on your HDSLR or video camera. When it is set on full power, it can brightly light up the room. The brightness can be adjusted to your liking using the brightness adjustment wheel so there are no issues in this area. In fact, the lighting is also dimmable from full power, giving you maximum control over your desired illumination. Lighting output is 100% flicker free and therefore ideal for videos as well. The colours cast by the Amaran is soft and warm enough to our liking and is able to enhance our photography subject especially when it comes to product or macro shoooting.

Physically, the Amaran is small and lightweight making it easier to carry around. Since it has a 16:9 widescreen design and thin borders, the light range is wider. We used the NP-FM500H battery to power up the Amaran. Alternatively, the Amaran can be powered up using 6 AA batteries too. To use the Amaran, simply connect it to your camera by hot shoe.

What we like about this product: 
- Controllable lighting and brightness
- Enhances photography subject
- Almost heat-free
- Long lifespan (up to 50,000 hours) & power saving
- Portable and lightweight
- Can be used on DSLR and video camera

What we dislike about this product:
- Battery option is limited to either AA batteries or a range of Sony (compatible) batteries.

If you're looking for professional lighting quality as seen on TV, go get one. Yes, you've been warned!!

The Amaran upclose.

More information about this cool gadget here.


  1. Hi, wondering how much is this in RM? Thanx

  2. Hi, there. It's RM200 only. :)

    If u need more info, you may visit

    or just leave a comment here. :)

  3. Nice little review. Although we didn't know the Malay meaning! We have even more LEDs coming soon :)

  4. Thanks, Aputure! Pleasant to see you here. Feel free to link up this review if you'd like. :)

  5. Bought one of this beauty myself! Two thumbs up!

  6. just bought one , look good :) selling fast

  7. Hi Ben, thanks for the support! We hope we to see more great photos from you! :)

  8. which is better? yongnuo ring light or this?

  9. Hi Alfizzan, the Aputure is better in our opinion.

  10. hola cual es la potencia real del 198 leds. por un lado lei que tiene 18 Watts pero por otro lei que tiene solo 10 Watts. mi pregunta es porque estoy interesado en el 198 leds pero entre 10 y 18 W hay mucha diferencia.

  11. does it comes with battery? What is the price for 198C?

  12. Hi there, no it does not come with batteries. The current price for 198C is RM250. Thanks.